stuff about game

  • point of game

    the point of the game is to destroy the world and cure being bored..

  • how the game works

    the way the game works is you take a picture and your able to destroy it...

  • people that were included in making the game

    Ieuan-html man, Larry the coder, Ref the director, Jamie the game builder.

get the game

the game is unavalable on the google play store but if you get MIT app inventor and find the code or the QR

  • Where the makers live New Zealand
  • how many people helped with the website.
  • 2,048 How many folowers we have
  • 4,096 How many people played the game in the first week
  • 1,024 How many people rated the game in the first week.

this website was built by one person and the game was made by three.

shout outs

shout out to peter for making me be able to post pictures and do html.
shout out to Raf, Jamie and Lourie.